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Lorena Masferrer is a former middle school teacher, a proud mother of two, a volunteer to many good causes and an unabashed lover of the arts who enjoys creating visual escapes inspired by nature.


Most people may view a migration from Chile to Buffalo, New York in the middle of winter, at the age of 9, as a harbinger of a difficult life.  For Lorena, it was the opposite.  It was an opportunity to live in a culturally rich community with a great University, from which she would later graduate, and the beginning of a life full of travel, moves, and adventures.  The moving part, at least, has concluded with her residence in Austin, Texas for the last 10 years.


In between Buffalo and Austin, Lorena has lived in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Florida, mostly as a companion to travel required by her husband’s job demands.  In each of those places, Lorena has found good friends, inspiration and amazing art masters from whom she has learned significant lessons, big and small.


She has shared her art in every community where she has lived. She has participated in artists’ coops, painting societies and has exhibited in numerous local galleries. She brings the colors and beauty of places, people, cultures together into her unique vision on her canvasses.


As a local artist in Austin, Lorena continues her commitment to improve her craft through her membership in Austin’s vibrant art community and she continues to seek beautiful aspects of nature that inspire her. Whether those are reflected in her floral, natural or abstract paintings, Lorena knows that she owes the interpretations in her canvasses to the collective experiences that shape her vision and fulfill her craving to see beauty in everything and see everything from various unique perspectives: all with a touch of color.

Lorena is a member of the Austin Creative Alliance and the Creative Arts Society of Austin. 



Adams Galleries of Austin

Featured artist at Espetos Restaurant in Lakeway, TX

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